pilots needed

During the pandemic, teachers were moved from ‘in-school positions’ to teaching online. Many parents had high expectations. Many teachers had poor I.T. skills. Training mostly consisted of throwing resources at the teachers, but with no actual training. Think of it this way….

Employer: Hello sir.

Employee: Hello.

Employer: I’d like to thank you for coming today. As you know, there has been a global pandemic and so we need to change your job description. Previously, you were driving a bus… and… might I add… you were doing a mighty fine job of it. Now, due to the pandemic we will need to move your position to that of driving a plane.

Employee: ‘Driving’ a plane? Don’t you ‘fly’ a plane?

Employer: Drive/fly… you were great at driving the bus, I am sure that you will be great at driving the plane.

Employee: Thanks for your faith in me, but I have to be honest… I really don’t know how to ‘drive’ a plane. Is there some training that I could do first.

Employer: Of course! Now, because of the pandemic, this is all a bit rushed, but here – these are flying goggles. You place them over your eyes and they make flying a plane easier.

Employee: Thanks. I’m sure that they will be useful, but what about some actual training?

Employer: Ah! I see what you are getting at. You need some advanced training. Well, here are some sun glasses! They will be really useful when flying east in the mornings and west in the afternoons. Also, they make you look really cool… see… the lenses look like mirrors!

Employee: Thanks. I really like them. All this stuff is great, but no real training then, eh? Don’t worry, I get it. This is a global pandemic. It’s the first time our generation have ever faced anything like this. I will do my best to ‘drive’ this plane and keep all of the passengers safe and well. I’ve got this.

Employer: Thanks we knew you would!

Employee: One last thing though… any chance of parachutes for me and the passengers?

Employer: Our experts are working on those right now. They should be with us in a few weeks. Till then, hang in there. Thanks for your positive attitude. Good luck and please try to keep all parental complaints to a minimum.

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