Chapter 2: Part IV: Things That I Believed


  1. Something terrible was about to happen.
  2. Even in the absence of any symptoms, I was ill and going to die.
  3. I was going to die and it was somehow my own fault.
  4. I was not hungry and did not need food, because my body did not have long left.
  5. These were not merely anxiety attacks – they were messages from my own body as it tried to tell me that something was wrong.
  6. I needed to know what was wrong with – the uncertainty was excruciating.
  7. Physicians and medical tests are hugely flawed and rarely right when they say you are healthy. However, I would have totally believed them if they told me that I had bubonic plague and was about to die.
  8. The slightest small twinge in my body meant a severe underlying ailment.

One thought on “Chapter 2: Part IV: Things That I Believed”

  1. J!!! I can relate so much to this. We really need a drink together. Health anxiety nearly unglued me. Oh the stories I could share. Looking back, my behaviour could be described as crazy. Dr. Google, self-diagnoses, remedies, my own “testing” and monitoring… and what that entailed was scary. Oh so thankful for Celexa. lol

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