Chapter 1: Part II – The Bus Backs Up…


…I wish I could say that that was where it ended. A one-off anxiety attack that I could talk about at future parties in a, “that happened to me once and it was crazy!” kind of way.  Perhaps someone would be talking about a much more severe experience and I would be attempting to relate with my semi-serious caffeine and antibiotic induced anxiety-attack story. This was not the case.

Midway through Sunday morning, the feeling returned. I was restless. I couldn’t sit still and for the next hour or two, my heart raced, my insides twisted, and my mind attempted to find logical reasons for my physiological state.

This continued through the whole week. The feeling would start up, last an hour or two, make me feel like complete hell, and then leave. At work, I actually joked about it, “Hey guys, you’ll never guess what’s happening to me… I’m getting these crazy anxiety attacks. It’s probably just the meds I’m taking!” In reality I should not have been joking. I should have been stocking up on food, water, and other general supplies. I should have locked all the doors and boarded up all the windows. I should have crawled into the depths of my basement and curled into a foetal ball in an attempt to avoid the apocalyptic nightmare that was heading my way.

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